Tax is the equivalent of a four-letter word to many business owners. It is our goal to make tax less intimidating and less complex for the non-tax professional.

Key areas where we apply our expertise include:

• Canadian Corporate Tax Reporting Requirements
• Tax Provisions + tax note disclosure for publicy traded entities
• Implementation of Corporate Reorganizations Plans
• H.S.T., P.S.T. and Commodity Taxation Reporting Requirements
• Corporate Acquisitions and Dispositions
• Due Diligence reviews
• Revenue Canada Audit Assistance and Negotiations
• Documentation of Policies and Procedures of the Corporate Tax Function
• Streamline any current procedures and policies for a more efficient task


With the rapid changes in all business sectors, and with the increased shortage in qualified workers, we find that businesses do not have the ability to take advantage of the opportunities that exist to achieve and exceed our corporate goals. It is our goal to work with you to design, implement and monitor your plans.

We have applied our experience and expertise to a number of important management advisory services including:

• Assistance with Bank Financing Proposals
• Preparation of Budgets and Forecasts
• General Business Consulting
• Accounting Systems Support
• Business Valuation Input
• Wealth Planning