Trusted Associates

Lynn Williams – The Lifestyle Protector
Lynn Williams, owner of The Lifestyle Protector, practiced as a chartered accountant and then as a direct marketer before taking over her father’s financial advising practice in Vancouver. As a professional financial advisor, she’s focused on assisting busy successful business owners and professionals to do more with their money. Whether clients are concerned about creating guaranteed income streams for retirement, saving tax or simply getting clear about what they’re doing is going to get them, their family and their business to where they want to go, sooner, Lynn’s clients know she is working in their best interest to help them achieve their aims and aspirations. Visit for more information and to download an information pack. Follow us @LifestylePro


Heather White – Life Design Consulting
Heather White is the Founder and Principal of 2020 Communications Inc., a Life Design Consulting Company.  Having worked for close to a decade in what she calls “old paradigm business development”, Heather now prides herself in taking a new approach. Blurring the lines between personal and professional, Heather coaches clients on connecting with their authentic way of operating and supporting them in delivering their natural gifts and talents in service to the world. Her focus in working with clients is to uncover the perfect vision for their life and create a reality to match.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, corporate professional, fervent philanthropist or stay at home mom, Heather believes a life designed to match the authentic you is the key to fulfillment, happiness and success.


Jacqueline Flett – Flett Law
Jacqueline Flett is a lawyer practicing in the areas of Business, Wills, and Estates. Jacqueline is a member of the Canadian Bar Association Corporate Law and Wills and Estate Sections, and is guest instructor in the area of small business law at Vancouver Community College. Her practice is focused on helping clients protect and grow their assets. Jacqueline is the founder of Flett Law, an innovative law firm which leverages technology to provide flexible services and solutions-oriented, cost-effective, advice.


Stephanie Lee – Scratchpad Secretaries
Stephanie Lee wants to live in a world where people don’t have to sweat the small stuff – so she’s taken it on herself to make sure people don’t have to! She created the virtual executive assistance firm, Scratchpad Secretaries in 2008 and has been the Admin Backbone of Dayna Holland Ltd. since 2010. She is a fierce guardian of the hectic calendar, and the biggest champion of the founder and associates and has a knack for making sense of the chaos and putting ideas into action! She works daily with the team, clients and customers to make sure they have everything they need when they need it, and is always available for inquiries and questions.